Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Triamazon study guarantor of effectiveness in the selective destruction of tumor cells

Research shows significant selectivity against no less than 12 lung cancers, including lymphoma, colorectal liver in the pancreas and the list goes on ..., says a report.

Independent research was conducted by the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana USA.

Explain the operation of the substance, a spokesman for the research and pharmacologist at Purdue University, says: "The tumor cellssurvive chemotherapy can develop resistance to the agent originally used as well as others, even outside of drugs. This phenomenon is called multidrug resistance (MDR).
"One of the main ways that cancer cells develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs is by creating an intercellular pump is capable of pushing anticancer agents out of the cell before he was killed. On average, only about two percent of cancer cells in a person can develop thispump, but are the two percent that can grow and expand to create multi-drug resistant tumors. Some of the latest research on acetogenins reported that they were able to shut down these intercellular pumps, thereby killing multi-drug resistant tumors. "
The Purdue researchers also reported that the acetogenins preferentially killed multi-drug resistant cancer cells, blocking the transfer of ATP, the main source of energy in the cell-les. A tumor cell needsenergy to grow and reproduce, and more to run its pump and expel attacking agents. Inhibition of energy to the cell and can not continue to pump.

When acetogenins block ATP to the tumor cell over time, the cell no longer has enough energy to operate and support the processes of death. Normal cells seldom like a bomb, therefore, does not require large amounts of energy to power a pump and, generally, are not affected by ATP inhibitors. Purdue researchersreported that 14 different acetogenins tested thus far demonstrate potent ATP blocking properties. He also reported that 13 of these 14 acetogenins tested were more potent against MDR cells breast cancer three standard drugs (adriamycin, vincristine and vinblastine) was used as control.

The results of this study are listed in PubMed from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Triamazon A spokesman said: "ThisIt's been a long time, and shows that this natural drug Triamazon is much higher since there are no side effects drug interactions is non-toxic and safe they are delighted with this breakthrough in natural alternative medicine was born, and why it is natural Triamazon non-patentable substances that means it is very convenient and accessible to all those who suffer from cancer, the study concludes.

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